the fear of tomorrow

awwalan..bismillah walhamdulillah, 

thumma, alhamdulillah...

alhamdulillah since the exam for this academic year has ended. yesterday. 1530. alhamdulillah that the wait and anxiety have ended. but honestly, over weeks of preparing for the exam, most of the time i felt numb rather than anxious. i don't know whether that was good or not, but i know that i had pushed myself and persevered with all the strength that He gave throughout the moments..

alhamdulillah wa tawakal 'ala al-Rahman
for the exam

just a little bit of sharing of my thoughts and feelings (as always)

within these few days, i have been haunted by a feeling of fear
fear of tomorrow,

fear of what will happen tomorrow
fear of what will come next year
and not to deny, a fear for the exam as well
(and the list go on...)

yet there are hopes
there are indeed,
waiting to go back and meet my family and work with them to improve our imaan (insyaALLAH)
work with my friends
meet those i love and have left for soooo long
see new friends
improve myself
(and the list again continues...)

but, since that means we are looking forward for things that are coming in the future, i can't deny that i still fear the uncertainties and the unexpected,
may be that's why people say,
expect the unexpected 

well, i think this would help in controlling the fear, not because it blows away the uncertainties,
but because it helps us to keep our tawakkal more to Him,
because, when a muslim expect the unexpected, i reckoned that this would and should be accompanied by a wonderful believe towards the wonderful Lord

believe that He,
 will never put us in any circumstances that will led us astray form Him
will never burden us with anything that we can't handle
and no matter what we get in this world,
good or bad
nikmat or challenges,
what matter most is whether or not He blessed our niat, actions and lives...

well, at least this should be one of the basis of our principles in viewing this life isn't it?
then from here we can expand our perceptions isn't it?

if we believe that He will never burdened us with things that we can't handle, 

we should have been making more prayers to Him and believe in Him more...right?
we should have love Him more, right?
because He will always give us the solution upon the challenges that He has given us,
as long as we persevere and be patient. 

if we believe that, no matter what is presented to us, the thing that matter most is whether or not He blesses our niat, actions and lives...

we should feel sufficient with what ever we have now..right?
we should be very particular in our actions and usaha... because we would not want Him to get angry to us right?
and the rest...
the results...
leave them to His mercy.
this again, needs another





ps: this might sound theoretical, but
theories are indeed there for us to practice..
hehehe.. we will know whether or not it applies to us, the truth behind it and the hikmah if only we try to practice it.

practice makes perfect

pss: this reminder first is written for me. then for you. 


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