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Discover Your Deen - Sempat transcribed

DISCOVER YOUR IDENTITY Sometimes ALLAH opens the door of opportunity but you refuse to walk through it. He opened it and you could have reaped a lot of reward from it, but you choose not walk through it and then you end up suffering; and then you end up blaming ALLAH instead. So now, if this is the case; everyone has a different lot in life –  a different set of challenges, a different set of opportunity, so the question is why? Why not all of us have the same thing? Why not all of us have the same challenges? – make it consistent. Next ayah (17:84) answers the question (why not all of us have the same set of challenges and reward?) Qul kullun ya’ malu ala syaakilatihi “Tell them, everyone should try to work” (When a mudhaari’ becomes a sifat, it actually means trying to do something) Everybody should try to work on their syaakilah. (Syaakil = form;  appearance of something or a mould of something. The shape of something) In figurati…