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Virus virus ukhuwah

Akhirnya sy tulis dan tampal summary buku ni pada dinding bilik sy ^_^

kill your darling

it seems like each assessment would be the milestone that i need to hit before i can feel relieved by non-stop piles of responsibilities that need addressing urgently. it does not mean that no more needs completing following it, just less pressured to be precise.. but the piles are just a continuing lists that continues endlessly whilst i'm busy crossing out the one wrote earlier on. oh gosh! how did i manage to do it? idk, surely ALLAH was the one who helped and granted blessings for me to be able to do it and persevere.

i love you ALLAH. and please make me strong. take care of those who i can't whilst i am trying my best where i can. please never leave me cause idk where to find my strength anymore if you ignore me oh my Lord.

anyhow, last week i had usrah with my adik-adik and we tadabbur ayats that tell the story of prophet ibrahim and prophet ismail; the moment when prophet ibrahim dreamed that that he needs to slaughter his beloved son, prophet ismail…