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another countdown

three days ago, i needed to start another countdown.

10 more days to another exam. i was scared because it is going to be osce that i have to re-sit. another osce for fourth year exam. one more osce. one more round. 10 stations. please oh Lord make it easy. i know nobody that can calm my worries down. i know no beings that can promise me sunshine. it is only You that will never turn me down.

i know there will be hikmah behind everything that is happening now. please make me strong in my iman and my amal. please make me truthful in my words and my tawakkal. smile for the best future is always for the believers.

whatever it is, alhamdulillah, thummalhamdulillah i passed my written exam. :') a news i am glad to hear.

please help me to face this ya Rabb. two countdown at a time. seven days to exam, seven days to resit. ramadhan is tomorrow, i shall smile. exam in the blessed month of Quran.



Kononnya kita

Kalau Allah boleh bersabar dgn kita yg banyak berbuat dosa dalam keadaan sedar;
Kalau teman-teman boleh bersabar dgn kita yg banyak dosa yang diulang-ulang dan dibutakan;
Kenapa tidak kita lakukan yang sama pada yg lain? Apatah lagi mereka yg masih mentah dan tidak tahu apa itu salah, mungkin sahaja mereka hanya tersalah langkah;  Butuh kemaafan dan keikhlasan pimpinan kita yang kononnya lebih banyak pengalaman.


Its just part of your life. Learn to live with it. Have faith in The Planner, you'll find a 'perfect' pace.


Nobody is perfect and appreciating this, makes you perfect. 
At least (in the path to be) a perfect servant to the Master of Perfection.