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Why do we choose to punish?


Harganya mahal?

Sukarnya menyantuni manusia..

Why some people enjoy being mad at me?
This is probably a statement of my disappointment because I feel people had prioritised their feelings of disappointment over trying to understand my circumstances. Am I trying to make statement to defend myself? May be.

Oh Lord what does having sahabat means? I longed for a company who brings me closer to you. Together makes me believe in myself back again and feel supported cause I wish to help and support more people out there.

Seek to understand, then to be understood.

I think now, I am just trying to build a great wall of ice around me to be away from everybody. Cause now, it seems like I have internalised the fear of being disappointed and taken advantage. Will I be able to melt this back again? I don't know. Losses of good companies and shoulders to cry on had made the ice harder.

Why do we choose to do things the hard way?
Why do we choose to be reactively disappointed?
Why don'…