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Nota usrah Kahfi

Adik-adik usrah dah makin matang
Maafkan kita kalau hak antunna tak terjaga
Maafkan kita kalau kita lalai dalam menunjukkan jalan untuk antunna

Types of friendships

Types of friendships - choose the type we want to be, Allah will then send the ones you need. 1. Waliy - the protector = a friend who is there and protects you
* described together with hameem = waliyyun hameem (hameem - heat and warmth) * Hameem - heat and warmth = somebody that makes you feel comfortable and warm in their presence 2. Sodiq - truthful = genuine friend; not being friends with an agenda; truthful = not deceivingly friendly
* also has been described together with hameem = sodiiqun hameem 3. Sohib - someone sitting next to you eg. somebody sitting next to you in your journey/train (casual acquaintance) ; but it can also be somebody who is always there with you. sohib carries the value of wanting something good for you, has genuine concern for your benefit, cares for you. if you want to be the sohib for ummah, sohib for the society - makes the 'normal' celebrated not the luxurious (standards - deceiving fashion, materials) 4. Walijah - 'to enter quite deeply&…