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ramblings: option akhir adalah tidur


Past few days macam stress sikit. One of the most hated thing in this life for me is seeing somebody who I know, pull a face in front of you and not talking to you... just out of the blue. HATED THING. Really struggled to face my own anger towards this so called stupidity, in my point of view. But not the tiring pain is caused by my struggle to face my anger. 
In the end, I slept and I guess it was therapeutic. Feeling better this morning. 
Just a rambling. 
Just wanna tell those out there; 
Whenever you are stressed out with your problems or your life, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE know ... that your circumstances do not grant you a license to treat others obliviously and ignorantly bad. If you think you are stressed out.. do therapeutic things. Smile. Then you will fill better. Talk to yourself and reflect on your feelings. BE EXTRA CAUTIOUS on your attitude cause you might hurt others. Minimizing the unnecessary damage. Is making good deeds not therapeutic? People don't ha…

Qudwah dari hati

I reposted this story from pks website because I found the story of this late muslimah to be so profound and amazing. I can feel the love of people towards her. Most importantly, her husband deacribed her to be such a great woman who took only Allah to be the best company by her side, she really had made the best trade with her Lord.

" Ya Allah tunjukkan aku kebenaran dan rezekikan aku  untuk mematuhinya, dan tunjukkan aku kebatilan dan rezekikan aku untuk menjauhinya "
" Berikan jodoh dan keturunan yang baik, penyejuk mata kami, jadikan kami imam orang bertaqwa "

Selamat Jalan Isteriku, Engkau Layak Atas Karunia Syahid itu...
17 tahun yang lalu, saat masih aktif menjadi penulis buletin dakwah, aku membaca nama pelanggan yang memesan buletin tersebut. Hj. Robiatul Adawiyah, pasti wanita yang sudah tua. Sudah naik haji dan namanya jadul sekali.  “Akhi, seperti apa sih ibu Robiatul ini,” tanyaku kepada Pak Marjani yang bertugas mengantar buletin. ”Ndak tahu…

Crossing the ocean of dunya

Ausini ya ukhti

Bila kita meminta nasihat  "Ausini ya ukhti" Harapkanlah nasihat yang mendekatkan redha Allah dari kata-kata manis yang memenangkan nafsu amarah mahupun lagha;
"Jangan kamu marah" Tak bermakna perbuatan yang menyebabkan kita marah tu benar, tapi perbuatan tidak marah tu yang mendatangkan kebaikan pada KITA;
"Jagalah masa kosongmu. Bersihkan diri dari dosa, lagha dan maksiat" Itukan pesan Allah dalam AlQuran dan Hadis. 
Nasihat tu sendiri adalah untuk mendatangkan kebaikan bukan kecelakaan. Jadi mintalah nasihat untuk dimudahkan jalan kepada redha Allah; kebaikan dunia dan akhirat. Bukan meringankan jalan kepada kekufuran, kefasikan dan kemaksiatan.
"Dan ketahuilah olehmu bahawa di kalanganmu ada Rasulullah, kalau ia menuruti (kemauan)mu dalam beberapa urusan, benar-benarlah kamu akan mendapat kesusahan, tetapi Allah menjadikannu cinta kepada keimanan dan MENJADIKAN IMAN ITU INDAH DALAM HATIMU serta menjadikanmu BENCI KEPADA KEKUFURAN, KE…

Entertainment for the heart


I just attended a charity dinner with my housemates. We had performances from Kareem Salama, Saif Adam and Native Deen; and great food as well. 
Subhanallah the event was great. Alhamdulillah I enjoyed it and pleased ti attended it. But whenever I attended such event, I really hope that the journey and time I have made for it bring values to my afterlife. Was is just mere entertainment? Oh Allah, I hope not. *please*
Subhanallah, one of the songs reminded me of the Haramain. The umrah and Hajj. I saw the performers were really into their songs and musics. I was pleased to see them so happy. I was glad to see such a joy they have for their selves and how wonderful they have tried to make others happy as well. 
Anyway the purpose of the dinner was to raise funds to build a school for girls in Pakistan. Do I want to be part of it? Do you want to be part of it? It's just £25 per month to sponsor a girl for an education a year. :))) 

Musim bunga tarbiyah

From my experiences, spring will be one of the great times for people to reflect upon our heart and our journey to meet death.. 
The effect will be more humangous to most heart because this is the one of the times for us to decide by OURSELF how do we want to fill OUR SPARE TIMES; 
Yeah..  The time that we think is ours; The time that we think is given for us to relax and enjoy and chill out; are we going to opt for a humble yet great journey to know our Lord and ourself ?
(note the word humble please because we will not be strong enough to face the journey if the heart is filled with the feeling of 'i'm good enough') 
Going back to the journey of reflecting upon our heart and meeting death;
It is a journey that I believe will only be appreciated by the traveller. Those who just watch, wait and see will not understand.
Because to start the journey, you have to ambrace the feeling of wanting to return to Allah in the best state, to be humbly submissive and then mould our l…

Kurang arif untuk menafsir

Ujian apakah yang Allah ciptakan ini? Bergetar hati setiap kali cuitan-cuitan itu datang. Sukar untuk ditafsirkan Ya Rabbi!!