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The Story of One Full Year

This one is going to be a very long post because there are so many that I wish to write. You are welcomed to read if you wish.

Resitting Fourth Year

By ALLAH's power and plan, I failed my end of fourth year exam last year. As a consequence of this, I have to resit the whole year again. I was shocking but I manage to accept it very well. This was what I thought and felt. Not sure how people perceived my reactions though. The whole resit was a struggle but all praises to ALLAH, I really have learnt a lot and I would say, with redoing everything I managed to learn more. Gain more knowledge. Although it was a pain to resit, I do regards resitting as ALLAH's mercy to allow me to learn more and thus become a better practitioner once I qualified. Alhamdulillah thummalhamdulillah. It was a blessing as much as it was trial.

As I have said, I am thankful for being able to improve my knowledge and to an extent my skills. However, towards the end f the year, I became so scared and worrie…