my sisters and brothers who i almost forgotten

these people, the sisters and brothers far behind the high gate...have almost been forgotten. 
just because i am too busy with my personal life and stuffs. 
almost been forgotten. 
whilst their lives are being stripped continuously.

oo ALLAH, please..please. make me clear of where i am going. so that i would not be easily fooled by this world. 

man yuridillahubihi khayr, yufakkihu fi deen

man yuridillahubihi khayr, yufakkihu fi deen

tolonglah ya Tuhan, 
jangan lalaikan aku dengan dunia yang semakin hari semakin mencabar
semakin hari semakin melalaikan 
kesibukan demi kesibukan 
perasaan demi perasaan 
cubaan demi cubaan 
sedangkan segalanya datang dariMu
maka dekatkan aku kepadaMu


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