Working in Islam Recommendations

From Abu Hurairah ra, he said: the Prophet said: Indeed, if one of you looking for firewood and carrying wooden ties, then it is better, than he had to beg to someone, whether that person gave or not. ” (HR. Bukhari dan Muslim).

By Abu Abdullah bin Az-Zubair Al-’Awwam ra, he said: the Prophet said: What if one of you to take some rope, then go to the mountain and back to carry a bundle of firewood and sell it, then the result is God replenish your life needs, it’s better than begging to fellow human beings, whether they gave or not. ” (HR. Bukhari)
In a hadith the Messenger of Allah said: He who at night feeling tired because of work during the day, then at night he was forgiven by God “ (Hadith History Ahmad & Ibnu Asakir ).

The Prophet was asked, Jobs is the best? He said, the best job is the business person with his own hands and all trade is good, “ (HR Ahmad dan Baihaqi).
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