The wonderful tilawah

Yesterday, was tiring I would say. Weird that people actually rest on weekend, but I would feel tired as I reach Sunday. Alhamdulillah, thumma Alhamdulillah. As this is really such a wonderful life experience that I am learning to appreciate and love then to mould it to be my principle of life. Which is to serve and rest just enough to keep on moving and fulfilling my purpose of life.

I went for a walk my little sisters yesterday at a castle in Harrogate. A month before, I promised these little sisters that I would bring them for a wonderful weekend getaway after they finished exam. I planned to bring them to Belfast but after I made the offer, I needed to change the plan to actually fit in our monthly sisters qiyam and my own face to face sisters circle ie usrah (Most of my halaqat were done online cause my usrahmates are everywhere so it is quite hard to actually fix a time where everyone can actually attend in person for face to face halaqah.) We have no other weekend, so yeah... a weekend getaway in Belfast changed to just a short walk in Harrogate. Most houses and castles were closed hence we decided to go to Ripley Castle, hoping to see deer at the Deer Park in the castle. We ended up being separated from the group of deer by two gates. -_-''

It was a short journey but was quite cold hence it made us felt quite tired at the end of the day. It was already 6 when I reached home and usrah was meant to start at 7 and qiyam was meant to start at 9. I tried to have some nap before the halaqah started but I didn't manage to do so because, as I reached home, I had guests -actually akhawat who would be joining the qiyam as well that night so I didn't really have time to rest.

I was so tired though at the start of the halaqah. I felt almost a bit moody so I kept quite hoping that I can actually calm down and be ready to recharge my iman and learn. However, even after we started the usrah, I was still feeling tired. I was a bit uncomfortable with myself that time, but I was hoping that I will feel better, and you know, one of my usrahmates read the verses with such a wonderful voice. Slowly, peacefully. Her voice shook my heart. Getar. It did I don't lie.. and I was so happy to hear her tilawah. It made me feel happy. The positivity made me feel positive and I literally smiled and enganged throughout the halaqah and even till the end of today. Such a blessing that ALLAH has granted to her and the benefit somehow comes to me. Thanks sis :D


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