Bila rindu

Over the course of the past six years, I have lost some people who are dear to me, be it physically or emotionally. Some became far (physically), some became far and distant emotionally (although they are just around physically), some became far both physically and emotionally. Hihihi. What a complicated world it is. ^_^

But to be honest, as I look back over the moments that had passed by, I can't deny that I miss those time when I felt safe and loved by those people who I learnt to love. I miss those time when I felt safe to actually express my thoughts, feelings and actions. I miss those moments when I felt respected to express my views yet honoured to be criticised. 

Being me, unfortunately, I'm too selective in choosing close friends hence I feel sad when I lose them. Cause for me, close friends are like treasure that can never be replaced. Those who are physically far, I still love you and each of you have own space in my heart and memory. Even though, I do not text or contact people as frequent as others. I do keep all the memory dear to my heart. To be honest, sometimes I do not know how to text and what to ask. Hence I just keep missing people and just make prayers when I remember my dearest sisters and friends. Sometimes, I am occupied with other things hence I could not text cause I do not want conversations to stop inappropriately- but for some people, I learnt that it just will be touch and go.. Hihi bai bai kinda thing... So layan je la snapshots tanya khabar tu. For some others who insist on me to be responsive at odd times, I will try but it'll be a bit hard to for me keep up. So yeah, I'll try and I hope Allah will give me strength to fulfill your right as a friend ^_^. I'm sorry for not being present, perfect and not even mushy mushy-ly caring and loving. 

I just do not know how to XD  poor me, hehehehe lols

#random: rahmat Allah itu luas, lebih luas dari bumi yang terbentang @windemere 


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