Teapots of Sodiqeen

My lovely sisters made a poem and sent it to us in one lovely Jumuah morning. One of us, replied to and made my day:

I'm a little teapot
Nice and round
One thing I'm very fond
Pouring out tea
Into cups I found

I'm a little teapot
I live to serve
Come guests
To please I love

One small trouble
With my little self
Once I finish serving
I go back to the shelf

You see it saddens me
If I'm empty
For how can it be
For me to serve more
When what I have in me
There's nothing left to pour

I need a refill please
A top up some may say
To continue filling up
The empty cup
Or I shall give up
Not because I refuse
But what is the use
An empty teapot
Give more I cannot

Please queue for your refill at the kiosks available.

The reply was: 

o little teapot,
come closer as the tea is here,
waiting for you to come near,

o little teapot 
if you are coming here,
please do open your lid,
coz even though you are near,
i can only fill you if you opened your lid,

o little teapot,
come near with a cleaned inside,
squeaky clean and dried,
smelly and dirty we shall not abide,
coz our tea is served worldwide ,
a tea brand that is bona fide.

o little tea pot,
when you come near,
don't be just a sightseer,
tell your story to fellow teapots here,
build bonds before we disappear,
only then shall we become musketeer.


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