the pleiades

The Pleiades, also known as the Seven Sisters, is a cluster of stars; ignoring the complicated astronomical explanation, these are simply a cluster of bright shining stars known to many cultures all around the world. In Arabic it is called thurayya. My second name and I am glad that my mom, including my dad, named me with it. A name with prayer that motivates and inspires me a lot.

عين الثريا

The eye of the Seven Stars. The shines of the bright shining star. Just now, another sister left the land. She dropped me a text before she left, 

"Dr Suraya..(bla bla bla).., a shining bright star bla bla bla"

I take that as a dua akak. Jazakillah khayran.

You made me love my parents more and you made me appreciate myself more and you woke up the ruh in me to see and wish for the bright future ahead. I hope ALLAH will allow me to be one of the stars that can help people to find the way to the Haqqan Guiding Stars which is the Quran. 

ALLAH's promise is true. 

I want to love You with ALL my heart. Please make me truthful to this. Please make us truthful to this. 

PS: When people you know and you love left, you know you will need to learn to live in a different way. But you also know they are going to do the same. So long that we know everybody will be in a good care by the Rabb of the world, no worries will bother us. But yeah, the early episodes of leaving and being left were undeniably hard regardless whether you cried or not.

I hope we will be part of this. Hence we can meet again and chat about the times that we have spent together and tell the stories of the time we have lived when we were physically apart.


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