of jaulah: germany

Salam wa bismillah,
It has been a few days since i left home for SC and my easter jaulah. Much has been accountered but very little have i learnt. Subhanallah, subhanallah..astaghfirullah, may this realization comes purely deep from my heart. There is nothing more that i want than wanting to be closer to Him throughout this safar. It has been quite a long time that i have not really left my comfort zone to refresh my sight and intention. I have struggled, i think, to keep my love to Him at the highest priority last couple of months.

School had been hard. Really hard. Not only because there are more to learn this time around but also because i failed to really keep myself on top of my work and responsibilities. Well, i guess this year is very challenging and ... (can't think of a suitable word to describe it). A year of transition..from a period of learning and translating what i have into actions to a period REALLY,SERIOUSLY need to put things into actions. For me, this transition is a phase that everyone will go through and once you face it you will know..hehe. (since the phases i have described seemed to sound similar). I hope this journey of body will bring me to a more meaningful journey of soul. Bringing me closure to Him. Enhancing my understanding of the deen and my obsessions towards it.

We have so many responsibilities than the time we have.

There are so many important things around us, and plenty of unimportants as well. If we are not clear of what we are heading and aiming for, we might end up wasting our time on the unimportants and need to pay things at a higher price later on. Life in this world only once. Everyone got this chance fairly. A chance to prove that we deserve His jannah. His wonderful paradise. And the journey to prove it is not easy but insyaAllah, He will make it easy and be besides us.

The first crucially vital step is to have the desire for the paradise. Aim for it. Yearn for it. Then only, after we become part of those who desire paradise, we can make our wat towards it. How can we live our lives for jannah if we do not even hope or dream for it. The price for jannah is not cheap. Everyone has to pay it with pure intentions, strong desire and sacrifices just to gain His blessings. His blessings: the keys to paradise.

Ok, off to cologne, germany.


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