my historical day

alhamdulillah thumma alhamdulillah

today, i have successfully release myself from one of the responsibilities entrusted to me since i come here, since i have been in Leeds. it has taught me a lot. so many things had happened while i was with it. so many things that sometimes i have to choose either my personal life or it, and to worse either it or my tarbiyah. i have grown with it. even though it was not fully mine. i would love it now and in the future, if God wills. ALLAHuakbar, only God knows how grateful i am to be free of it and at the same time how sad i am as i am no more a part of it. over the last one year, i have tried to contribute to it. i was happy for it, even though it was hurtful sometimes. i was happy because i was a part of it. indeed i was soooo happy to be part of it, to contribute..but i know, i can do more if there were more chances or if the situations were different. and indeed, it made me grow. i have learnt something.

i gain something and i loose some as well, to gain something better than both...

indeed ALLAH is Great!


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