just me!

~thinking mode~

i was a bit dissapointed emotionally and it makes me feels bad.. feeling like talking to sumone but she is not around..will wait, i'll try..dearie, miss u so much..what to do nie..so confused. huhuhu..

things around are not helping much..need sum thing. will think of it and pray for it. insyaALLAH. hope ALLAH helps..

ya ALLAH, guide me please. need a solution. missing u so much but feeling bad that i am not doing well now..

this time solution would really helps!!!! huhuhu

PS: miss u so much..plus havent been calling hum since when yer? hurm, nak tepon tp asek x sempat jek..will try next time... :P

'fortunate is he, who remembers ALLAH abundantly'
Fortunate is he by Zain Bikha


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