love and marriage today

today i had practical while my other medics housemates had a day off school.. great for them!
yet it was wonderful for me..
in the 'lab', i had a chat wif my coursemate. a muslim. < many more> but this one is what i go deep into my heart. 

we were talking about 'something' that brought us to an interesting teens topic ie marriage, 

she asked

friend: do you have more love marriages or arranged marriages in malaysia? 

i was silent for a while..not knowing what to say. 
some people i know, had love marriages or engagements. 
some people i know, do had arranged marriage. 
she noticed the silent, i think. 

friend: i my country, there are more arranged marriages than love marriages. 

me: oo yeah. well (i think) we have more love marriages than arranged. obviously, it is for this generation. previously, arranged marriages were most common :)

then the chat continued. 

BUT, is it really is? that there are MORE LOVE marriages? 
isn't that there are quite a number of arranged BM marriages?  
those are arranged ones, right? considering this, i should have said that both are equal. love marriages and arranged are equally popular and practiced..

YET, for me, i have reasons for saying that love marriages are the most common! 
despite those who are marrying for love, i still consider those who married without having to date their husband or wife-to-be before marriage to have LOVE MARRIAGE. 


marriages on basis of their LOVE to ALLAH, the Messenger and our RELIGION. 

a sacrifice and tawakal for HIS LOVE and BARAKAH. 


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