ramblings: option akhir adalah tidur


Past few days macam stress sikit. One of the most hated thing in this life for me is seeing somebody who I know, pull a face in front of you and not talking to you... just out of the blue. HATED THING. Really struggled to face my own anger towards this so called stupidity, in my point of view. But not the tiring pain is caused by my struggle to face my anger. 

In the end, I slept and I guess it was therapeutic. Feeling better this morning. 

Just a rambling. 

Just wanna tell those out there; 

Whenever you are stressed out with your problems or your life, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE know ... that your circumstances do not grant you a license to treat others obliviously and ignorantly bad. If you think you are stressed out.. do therapeutic things. Smile. Then you will fill better. Talk to yourself and reflect on your feelings. BE EXTRA CAUTIOUS on your attitude cause you might hurt others. Minimizing the unnecessary damage. Is making good deeds not therapeutic? People don't have to know that you are feeling under the weather or crap by you making them feel crap. Say it! Then you might get a positive things back. Say it: " Sorry guys, I am not feeling OK today. Keep smiling or just ignore me for a while" Then that's it! The problem sorted and you don't hurt other people. Just say it. Respect others the way you want others to respect you and treat you with love. 
Rambling me,


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