Musim bunga tarbiyah

From my experiences, spring will be one of the great times for people to reflect upon our heart and our journey to meet death.. 

The effect will be more humangous to most heart because this is the one of the times for us to decide by OURSELF how do we want to fill OUR SPARE TIMES; 

The time that we think is ours;
The time that we think is given for us to relax and enjoy and chill out; are we going to opt for a humble yet great journey to know our Lord and ourself ?

(note the word humble please because we will not be strong enough to face the journey if the heart is filled with the feeling of 'i'm good enough') 

Going back to the journey of reflecting upon our heart and meeting death;

It is a journey that I believe will only be appreciated by the traveller. Those who just watch, wait and see will not understand.

Because to start the journey, you have to ambrace the feeling of wanting to return to Allah in the best state, to be humbly submissive and then mould our lives later on according to His teachings..

#alhadid16takhsya_a_quluubuhum #albaqarah138sibghatallah

Once we have humbly started; we will meet a point where we will say to the One Lord who has provides for us:

"Oh Allah, how much have I wasted my time, energy and life for things that  didn't benefit my iman and hereafter"

"Oh Allah, how much have I spent the time being submissive to the wonders of dunya.. Feeling that those entertainments and shoppings would make me happy"
#alhadid20 #aliimran14
"Oh Allah, I have really left the Quran far away from my life.. Far behind"
#hijranmahjura #furqan30
"Oh Allah, thank you for allowing me to see the light before the time that no repentance will be beneficial comes"

Anyways.. The reminders are always there. In the horizon and in ourselves #fushilat30_fil_afaaq_wadfi_anfusihim He has made it clear in a simple statement. The signs of the Truth are everywhere. 


"And [by] the soul and He who proportioned it (7) And inspired it [with discernment of] its wickedness and its righteousness, (8) He has succeeded who purifies it, (9) And he has failed who instills it [with corruption].(10)"

The longgggg spare time will come again.. SUMMER will be the next one. Shall we wait for it to come or prepare for it? 
*Surely, death comes anytime*

'May Allah make it easy, our journey to meet Him'


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