30 days to FINALS


Today I decided to write a little bit about this final journey of medical school, everyday. One of the reasons is because I think I need to let go some of my worries. But I do not want to talk over it to much so that I would not whine to much. So I'll talk to the wall of this blogger.

It is the 3rd day of group discussion. We have been going through core conditions for the past two days, which I was happy with it. But one of us came over during the discussion and suggested that we do not focus only on preparing for the written exams as OSCE is something that deserves great attention as well from us. I do agree. I was a bit scared when I heard that cause OSCE has always been my biggest worry when it comes to exams. Going through the past exams and OSCE books I am worried. Could not really make up my mind on what to read now. Oh ALLAH, please keep me calm and guide us in our preparation. We really need your blessings.



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