The Story of One Full Year

This one is going to be a very long post because there are so many that I wish to write. You are welcomed to read if you wish.

Resitting Fourth Year

By ALLAH's power and plan, I failed my end of fourth year exam last year. As a consequence of this, I have to resit the whole year again. I was shocking but I manage to accept it very well. This was what I thought and felt. Not sure how people perceived my reactions though. The whole resit was a struggle but all praises to ALLAH, I really have learnt a lot and I would say, with redoing everything I managed to learn more. Gain more knowledge. Although it was a pain to resit, I do regards resitting as ALLAH's mercy to allow me to learn more and thus become a better practitioner once I qualified. Alhamdulillah thummalhamdulillah. It was a blessing as much as it was trial.

As I have said, I am thankful for being able to improve my knowledge and to an extent my skills. However, towards the end f the year, I became so scared and worried. Knowing that the exam was going to be my final attempt, I worried that I would not be able to make it. It was so scary but I kept myself motivated with the fact that I did my best and I knew I learnt more through out the year. After sitting the first sequence, I felt relieved. I was not that worried. I have a feeling I was able to pass it. Especially the written examination. So I prayed and lived normally while waiting for the result which would be announced in two weeks time.

I waited. I waited and my friends waited. Everyone was hoping. Hoping that their numbers would not be one the list of having to do the second sequence of exam.

After two weeks...

On the day, after lunch time my friend called me. Saying that she has to do the second sequence for both written examination OSCE. My heart was pounding. I felt nauseous. I make prayers and dzikir hoping to calm myself down. So logged in to university's blackboard and checked the lists. As usual, the number of people who need to do the second sequence was almost 1/5 of the whole year. I passed my written. Alhamdulillah. I was so glad. Unfortunately, as I scanned through the numbers in OSCE list, I found mine. I was shocked. I was worried. My friend was still on the phone. She was.. 'What's my plan?' I was so unexpectedly surprised by the result that I said, ' Let me pray first, I need to calm myself down'. Now, I mean literally now, I could not really described my exact feeling when I get the result. Probably, I was disappointed with the fact that I have to redo OSCE, it is one of my biggest fears. Yes, I was scared. It was OSCE and I had to face this exam for the fourth time. But together with the others, we kept motivating each other that we have to do this. One good friend of mine, contacted me through FB. Asking the result. She was back at her hometown, Sri Lanka that time. Knowing that I have to do the OSCE again she started giving me words of encouragement. She even offered to help me to practice via Skype. I was so touched. I told her that I'll find her if I need help.

One week to practice...

For the first two three days, my friends and I managed to do some practices together. But two days following that, I practised on my own in front of the camera and mirror caused they had to prepare for their written examination.  After they had their written, we continued practising together again. To cut the story short, 


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